Monday, August 29, 2016

War and Peace Toys

There is a toy soldier show in Irvine, California every year.

Once again my friend Bennett Willey was there selling Marx playsets.

He sells Marx pieces and a few other items.

I always spend a lot of money with him, his prices are great!

Nearly every playset he sells is complete.

It's amazing just to look at them all.

Drop him an email and ask about what he has in stock.


Bob G. said...

When it came to playsets, I had my share of them (wish I still did, too!!!).

I had The Untouchables, Captain Gallant, The Flintstones, Blue & Grey, Battleground, and Fireball XL5 (with rocket-launching ramp).
Those have GOT to be worth some serious $$$.
Like I said, I wish I still had them.

If you have them, by all means, HOLD ONTO THEM.
That's a great show you have out there

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Hi Bob G, I had Battleground, would have loved to have Fireball XL5.
It is a great show, there are others around the country, they tell me Chicago is the big one.