Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sweep the Woods

The troops are making a sweep through the woods looking for partisans.

The partisans come out of the woods and strike a supply column.

Then they melt back into the forest as if they were never there.

The troops sweep the wood prior to a major troop movement.

It may not kill many partisans, but it will drive them far enough away from the road...

that vehicles and troops can move without fear of attack.

The wounded are particularly vulnerable in these attacks.


Pat G said...

Interesting thought that the reason behind the sweep is not to search and destroy, but to keep the logistic lines open.

Mike Creek said...

A sweep can be for many reasons. Search and destroy is good if you can spare the troops. But you risk ambush, and finding yourself in a protracted battle. Clearing a route for wounded, supplies, or troop movement only needs to push the enemy away from the road for a while.