Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cossack Logistics

Artillery crews are from The Orion set of Ukrainian Foot Cossack and Artillery set.

Artillery men are in similar poses for the last several hundred years.

I did add some WWII German helmets on them.

I have a lot of the Revell German Artillery sets, very useful.  Here they tow the HaT anti-tank guns.

When the troops are entertained they get a morale bonus in my rule set.  They also function as a mortar crew for two 81mm mortars.

Cossacks used various tentage.  They had their families follow them to provide logistical support.

Cows provide milk, cheese, and meat on campaign.

The woman are mostly from the Pegasus Pioneer sets and so are the cook fires.

These figures work for a variety of civilian types.


tsold3000 said...

Where did you get those neat tent-huts? they could fit anywhere anytime.

Mike Creek said...

I think they are 28mm, but how big is a tent? I got them as yurts. I got them years ago and have no idea who makes them. I suspect a quick search on line will reveal these or similar versions.