Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tim Mee

Tim Mee dogs.

I love dogs, real ones and plastic ones too.

I got some Tim Mee bazookas, they made them as a separate weapon, but no soldier for it.

Since the M60 machine gunner often comes without the machine gun, I use them as bazooka gunners in the prone position.

Bazookas were often fired in the prone position, it allowed a more stable platform.

Crawling guy is the loader.


shintokamikaze said...

They are cool, I saw the dogs in some set from China sometime ago, I guess they are using his moulds?

Mike Creek said...

Yes, I have seen copies of the Tim Mee figures, but they are never as nice as the originals. The dogs are probably copies rather than re-casts. Re-Casts use the original molds which are often very expensive. Copies use the original figures as a master and make new molds off of them and are often not as nice as the originals.