Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Armored Cars

Tim Mee armored car.  This one is styrene, I think.

I got five of them.

This one was perfect.

This one had a replacement gun that was tweaked.

This one had a perfect hull and turret but missing gun and wheels.

I eventually did some parts swapping to insure the best and most complete parts were together.

Still missing an axle and wheels for one model.

Bad hull coupled with the bad gun.

I need to obtain three axles and one gun to finish the set of five armored cars.


Bob G. said...

That armored car looks a lot like the STAGHOUND the Brits use to run (and made by US) - we opted for the Ford M-8 Greyhound, which I like a LOT better.

Carry on

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Yes, Billy, I think it is a Staghound. My dad remembered seeing them in Ft. Knox during WWII. I have had a few nibbles from people trying to confirm that they were used by the USA at least here in the USA, but I just can't pin it down.