Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Machine Guns and Tentage

Gen. Patton and post WWII machine guns.

I am trying to round up 25 each of the machine gun and mortar for my Pentomic Army.

Not quite there but very close.

Both the machine gunner and the mortar man fit okay with my 60mm troops.  Kneeling figures are often designed over size.

MPC made a number of designs for their tents.  This is one of their hospital tents.

Army 351st Infantry tent.

Medical cot for the tent.

The white on white tent is for the ski troops.


shintokamikaze said...

They have some of the poses my local toy shop in tan and green

Harry said...

Lookin good!

Mike Creek said...

yes, shintokamikaze, they are not rare, that's why I was able to get so many in a single toy show. I was just a couple short, but next year....

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Harry.