Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dirty Commies

MPC did a line of troops from the Soviet Union.

They make a pretty good squad.

Nice faces on most of them.

Even Cossack troops.

And one with a sword.

This guy is similar to the SGT in their German set.

General Patton does not like the looks of them.

The officer is typical.

I like the variety of headgear.


shintokamikaze said...

great looking models, I used to have the Airfix 1/35 Russians and Germans as a kid, I must try to get them again, Ahh memories

Mike Creek said...

It is fun to get figures that I had as a child. I actually never had the Russian guys and did not even know they existed until a few years ago. I did have the Marx Germans, and Japanese and Americans.

Don M said...

Ah I had all of these as a kid as I recall they were sold in a bag with Germans, Japanese, and Russians. In fact they made a 6 or 8 inch version of them all
sold individually, those large ones I'd love to have again for back yard gaming!

Mike Creek said...

Yes, I got Marx figures in both bags and in large playsets. While I have seen a few of the big ones I never had more than a couple of the GIs.