Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ideal Sailors

I added my Ideal sailors too.

They fit nicely with the Tim Mee figures.

Colors and size are the same.

The poses also complement the Tim Mee.

The one on the left is holy stoning the deck.  It's a rock used to polish the wooden decks.  The other man is checking the depth of the water with a line and a lead.


Paul Howes said...

Nice looking figures. Great photo`s too. Greetings from Fiddle Wood , Norwich, Norfolk UK Beano Boy

Arlin Tawzer said...

Actually, the guy with the rope with the ball on the end has a "heaving line". That ball makes the rope go farther so you can tie off the boat. They used to be called monkey's fists.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you for checking in Norwich! Glad you like them and thanks for reading.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Arlin Tawzer. I don't need to check the link, your word is always good here!

Bob G. said...

A real shame that toy company went under...they made a LOT of cool stuff, and the figures were some of the best out there at the time.

Carry on

Mike Creek said...

Yes, Ideal made some wonderful stuff and it does not seem to have made it to the recast market either. Very sad.