Friday, March 27, 2015

Doom Castle

The stone face of Castle Doom.

The trim and door have been painted.

The upper window frames have been installed.

Main hall without window frames.

Main hall with window frames.

Window frames installed, exterior view.  I picked the purple and plum colors because it is a comic book themed building.

The throne and carpet.

There are still some missing details, including the front ground area.

 Dr. Doom in his throne room.


Blaxkleric said...

This is going incredibly well, and I'm really enjoying this step-by-step series of postings. Great stuff :-)

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Blaxkleric. It will be a month or so before it's finished, but progress has been made as recently as yesterday!

Sam Wise said...

very nice building !
you're a master for doing something good with simple stuff !

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Sam Wise. Still more to come.