Thursday, March 5, 2015

Super Villain and Super Skrull

I am taking the Battle Dice game and making it into a 1/72nd scale miniature wargame with Super Heroes.  I am also taking 28mm Hero Clix figures and making them into 1/72nd scale warriors.  They all get new bases.  A rectangular base means they are a regular being and not a Super Hero or Super Villain.  I am building a Skrull Army and repainting other figures into Skrulls.

This Sonic Man has been rebased onto a hex shaped base.  A hex base means he is "Super."

Shown here with a Battle Dice Super Skrull.

A Hero Clix Skrull, he is much taller, but then how big is a Skrull?

The Super Villain with a regular Skrull.


Robert Audin said...

I love your Skrull project.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Robert. More to come!