Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cambian Life

This thing looks like it could be a massive organic tank.

These organic forms could be alien plants.

They come in these bright colors.

These leach like things are very scary.  In real life most of this stuff is very tiny.  A couple inches long.

This scary thing had the eyes unpainted.

I decided to paint them dark metallic blue.

1/72nd scale Japanese WWII soldiers don't seem to appreciate the improvement in the eyes.


Kadmon said...

If you are interested, there were rules for these kinds of animals in Dragon Magazine 204. ( )

Mike Creek said...

Kadmon, very cool. Looks like I will have to read that very carefully and annotate my own rules accordingly!

jimmymac said...

Thanks for the info Kadmon. I looked up that link and there was a lot of good info on those bugs. I don't have the Bug Wars rules and probably won't use them but I'll use those bugs specs for my own rules. Thanks again.

Mike Creek said...

Any good set of rules can be modified to take on Godzilla, giant bugs, Martians, or any other set of monsters.