Sunday, March 8, 2015

Skrull Army

I am using sheet styrene plastic to remount the Skrulls.  The one on the right is being held in place by the clay while the glue dries.

I put a drop of styrene on each piece of plastic, where the feet go.

Figures that are Super are getting mounted on hexagon bases, like the Battle Dice figures.

Here is my start on the Skrull Army.  Still more work to go.

Shi'ar warriors that will form some of the opposition to the Skrulls.


Robert Audin said...

This is looking good how many supers will you use per game?

Mike Creek said...

When it comes to minions or soldiers, a lot.
I consider them not unlike armor in a WWII game, so twenty, fifty, or more is not unusual.