Monday, March 2, 2015

Fighting Continues

Skrulls falter under the combined attack.

The Super Pershing moves up the front.

Skrulls re-double their efforts!

They rally around the guns.

The Captain calls for more tank fire on his Walkie-Talkie.

Troops throw grenades in the close fighting.


Sean said...

Who will prevail? Do some supers need to come to the army's rescue? I'm going to post links to your dune buggys with rockets over on the Oldhammer:Dark Future group on face book. I think there may be some interest.

Sam Wise said...

suspense like always ...
I'm sure that you have a big surprise for the last episode !

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Sean!

Mike Creek said...

Sam, you may have to wait a while for that last episode! So many projects, so little time.