Friday, July 18, 2014


The greatest invasion movie and book series is of course, The War of the Worlds.

The 1954 George Pal version is one of my favorites and Pegasus Models makes the war machines in both 1/48 scale and 1/144 scale.  I use the 1/48th scale size with my 1/72nd scale troops because it's more intimidating.

I give the Martians shields but I also give the humans the ability to pierce the shields and the Martians can't both move and shoot and stay protected.

In the movie when the H-Bomb hit them there were several of them together, stationary and not firing.  That gives the Martians more protection.

As I kid I read this version of the book.  I like the war machine on the back cover, really running after the humans.

The front page shows the tentacle with a human victim, the death ray and I like how the body is reminiscent of the cylinders they used to come to travel inside to Earth.


Bob G. said...

Love the movie (1951 version, naturally), and there was even a rock music version produced in the UK...excellent if you can find it.

And you probably already know this, but the martian "war machines" from the Gene Barry movie were "reused" in a movie few others seem to remember:
Robinson Crusoe On Mars
(to me, that is ALSO a very good movie)

I agree the 1/48 scale would be best w/ 1/72 scale troops.

Carry On.

Mike Creek said...

Love RCoM. Note they have 52 star American flags in the movie.