Tuesday, July 8, 2014


While sorting the collection, I am building P51 Mustangs.

I built one as a captured by the Germans version.

So far I have completed two USAAF versions.

I got these kits at various kit collector shows, at least ten years ago.

There are kits from Hasagawa, Airfix, Matchbox, Academy, Ace, in 1/72nd scale.

By building a group of kits at the same time, I can build them faster, as I can work on one, let it dry while I work on another.  Also I can avoid having to look to carefully at the instructions more than a couple times.


Bob G. said...

I;m curious as to WHICH kit you prefer?
When I was young, I built a Monogram P-51-B ("Ole-II") in 1/72 scale from the late '60s...managed to find TWO more in the last several years...they STILL make that kit!
Very well detailed, excellent decal sheet, and the parts fit is outstanding.
Nice to know some things don;t change.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Since I am doing wargame models, I actually like the Matchbox kit. Durable and easy to put together without too many fiddly bits to break off in handling.