Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Human and Animal Wargame Rules

Each creature is assigned a close combat numerical value based on their intelligence, the length of their longest fang, their longest claws, and their longest horns.  They also take account of the thickness of the skin of the creature and they type of animal they are, herbivore or carnivore.
Animals get an EQ of between 1 and 5 with one being the lowest and 5 being the highest.  Humans are 5; apes are 4, mammals 3, carnivores 2, other animals 1.
Animals are given one point for every 20 pounds of weight, up to 200 pounds maximum, the number is the weight value.
Claw length is multiplied by 2 and that number is the claw value.
Horns length is multiplied by .5 and that number is the horn value.
Fangs length is multiplied by 4 and that number is the fang value.
All six of these factors are totaled together and that is the close combat animals value.
Each level of elite is counted as
Juvenile, Adult, Large
Domestic, Wild
Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore,
T-Rex, basic data:
EQ 2, Fangs 13, claw 6, Tons 9, Horn 0,
Up to a pair, a couple and youngster, a pack of 5 can attack at one time.
Same level goes simultaneous, 3 levers up goes 1st with results first.
All animals over 250 pounds have hide not skin, all animals over 2 tons have a thick hide.  Certain animals have various other protections.

Animal Protection
Essentially any weapon will penetrate skin.
1” fangs are required to penetrate HIDE.
2” fangs are required to penetrate THICK HIDE.
1 inch think bone equals 1 mm thick armor.

If both animals pass then both are killed, if both fail, they break melee by 1 inch moving away from each other.

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