Saturday, July 12, 2014

B-17 Flying Fortress


 Last night I dug through the spares box and pulled out some Revell B-17 parts that are probably 40 years old.  One of the first model kits I ever built was the Memphis Belle.  It's long since gone, but some of the propellers remained.  They will be used to repair some of my old and damaged B-17s.  Once I finished with this Lost World visitor, I did some B-17 work.

It seemed like The War That Time Forgot on my patio today, lizards had taken over my outdoor workspace.

 The yellowed and tattered decals had to go, so a little Easy-Off oven cleaner on the wing as a test job.

 I line a cardboard box with wax paper and spray oven cleaner on it to take off the decals.

I did the set up in my kitchen but the actual spraying happens outside in the fresh air.  Thanks to Expert Modeller Tom Seeling for providing the old B-17 kits.  He was disposing of some surplus assembled models years ago, and I am just now getting around to working on them.

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