Friday, July 11, 2014

Coyote 500

In the 1980's the US Army was looking for a replacement for the Jeep, pick up trucks and other small, light vehicles.  This was a TOW carrier version.

This one is a dual machine gun versions.  Note the difference in the fenders, and the engine cover, and headlights.  There were many detail differences.  Eventually, the US Army picked the Humvee, and this vehicle lost.

Matchbox makes a model called the Coyote 500.  They have made about a dozen different versions, in different colors and different decals.

I managed to pick up a few recently.  They will support my 1980's US Army forces.


Bob G. said...

interesting replacement for the that Matchbox version, too.
Might have to start looking for some of those myself.

Nice find.

Carry on

Bob G. said...

Sorry, not a replacement...rather a competitor.
(my bad)
A shame they didn't run with this one, though...looks like a winner.

Mike Creek said...

I have only found them at Toys R Us, none at Target or Wal-Mart. Still looking.

Mike Creek said...

The Humvee certainly has had a good run, but this one does look cool.