Sunday, July 20, 2014

Soviet Artillery WWII

Tank Corps          Mechanized Corps    Artillery Division  Total
T-34           207  T-34           183                           390 
SU-76          21   SU-76          21                            42
SU-85          21   SU-85          21                            42
SU-152         21   SU-152         21                            42
82mm Mortar    52   82mm Mortar    100                           152
120mm Mortar   42   120mm Mortar   54   120mm Mortar        108  204
45mm ATG       12   45mm ATG       36                            48
57mm ATG       16   57mm ATG       8                             24
37mm AA Guns   16   37mm AA Guns   16                            32
76mm Guns      36   76mm Guns      36   76mm Gun            48   120
BM-13 Rockets  8    BM-13 Rockets  8    BM-13 Rockets       36   52
122mm Howitzer      84   84  
152mm Gun/Howitzer  32   32         203mm  Howitzer      24   24
160mm Mortar        32   32

Tank Corps

BM-13 rockets on T-60 chassis

Mechanized Corps

SU-152 substituted by SU-122
BM-13 rockets on GAZ-AAA truck

Breakthrough Artillery Division

BM-13 rockets on Roco 2 ½ ton truck

57mm ATG Zis-2 is essentially identical to the 76mm ATG Zis-3
The 57mm barrel is longer and thinner and has no muzzle break
Consider using the Italeri model with new barrel for 57mm ATG

122mm D-30 howitzer is essentially identical to the 152mm D-1
The 152 barrel has a muzzle break and may be longer, but is close in length to the 122mm howitzer.
Consider using the Zvezda D-30 with a new muzzle break.


Arquinsiel said...

Have you seen the Plastic Soldier Company range of Soviet stuff? There's a pretty comprehensive range forming. The Zis series AT guns are all there, as far as I know.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, I have seen them and the Zvezda guns too. I like PSC because of the large crews.