Friday, April 5, 2013


MRS Bunkermeister and I went to WonderCon this last weekend.  It's like ComicCon, only it was in Orange County, across the street from Disneyland this year.

I picked up The Thing from the Fantastic 4, in 28mm as a HeroClix item, I cut him off the base.  I will rebase him later because I don't use the HeroClix system. I also think Ben Grimm should be a bit larger than often depicted and so a 28mm version looks good in 1/72nd scale to me.  I might repaint him so he is more orange.

Got the Silver Surfer also.  I will rebase him too.  I might also swap out the flame hands with regular hands.  I have even considered swapping out the figure for a different pose.  On the other hand, how big is a Silver Surfer in 1/72nd scale?

The Con was huge, there were a lot of people there.  Parking was terrible, we had to park at the Garden Walk and it was about a mile to the ticket booth / check in and we had to walk.  We were not happy about that!  I did pick up a few other items as well.

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