Thursday, April 11, 2013

60mm Oldness

This MPC ring hand figure is the oldest figure in my collection. I have had him since 1958 when I was three years old.

He is helping open my newest 60mm items.

eBay has been my source for a number of new items.

Here are some of my old hands waiting to open the box.

The packaging comes out first.


Chris said...

I remember a lot of these from my misspent youth. The figures in photo 2 look a little like the old Marx sculpts--is that what they are? (Or pirates maybe?)

Best regards,


Bunkermeister said...

Hi Chris, all the figures on this posting are MPC ring hand and slot hand figures made between about 1958 to 1976. No Marx. I only have a few select Marx figures in my collection to supplement my Tim Mee troops. I used to have a lot of Marx as a kid, but even I can't collect everything.