Thursday, April 25, 2013

60mm Goodness

Green 60mm troops in the trench coat version.

Notice both silver and red accessories.  See the necktie with trench coat.

White troops in the sports coat without tie, trousers and low quarter shoes.

It is an odd combination of clothing without a tie.  They look rather Red Chinese.

The bases sometimes have holes in them.  MPC toys often had a peg so the troops could be held onto the ship deck or vehicle by inserting the peg into the hole.

See the figure with the pod feet, I think this is a regular figure with a mis-molded base, but I have seen several of these, so it could have been intentional and just rare.

More green troops, this time with both red accessories but also the golden ray gun. MPC space men accessories were in gold.

Helmets in both silver and brown.  Silver was the most common for the military accessories.

The next clothing type is the jumpsuit.  These are in odd colors, a mustard green and gray.  I would like more gray but it seems pretty rare.

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