Saturday, April 6, 2013

Master Model Maker WW

Master Model Maker Wayne Wanner sent me a few photos of his work and some descriptions.  Great work as always on those Roco trucks:

Both of those guys are seconds. They were bought in lots off of E-bay. I stripped them and repainted em' both. The short stout fellow is a dwarf fighter, he's missing his shield. The other is a sorcerer, a magic user. He's missing his staff, a magic users prime tool. If I find a usable shield the dwarf will get one.
The sorcerer will just do without, as a game piece things like that typically get broken off.  They were painted with Testors enamels, and a couple Vallejo shades.

The trucks are a couple I've been experimenting on with the AK weathering paints. The "colors" are mud, dust, tire black, and rust.

I found that if used right from the jar they're much to dark, or they obliterate the base color. I noticed the same thing with the Vallejo "dip" wash. So much experimentation is in order.

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