Sunday, April 14, 2013


MPC troops on parade!

These are Cold War US Army soldiers from about 1960.

Nice vehicles, including a tan and green helicopter!  The cardboard mountain is in the background.

The troops will join my other 60mm troops, seen here being sorted and flash trimmed.

MPC ring hand troops with a few accys.

A final shot of the mountain set, note the two ACW cannons in green with black tires!  I am still looking to get a couple more of these!


pylgrym said...

FINE renditions of fun toys I seldom owned as a kid. I played army with REVELL, RENWAL, MONOGRAM, ADAMS, ELDON, and any other smaller hard plastic guys. My brother had the Marx BEACH HEAD set, so we set up green marines and mustard "enemy" a lot. But we never had MPC ...

Bunkermeister said...

Well pylgrym, at least you were not too deprived. I had most of those too. No Adams or Eldon that I remember, but I did have Ajax with the guys without a base.
Marx was awesome, and loads of Tim Mee.