Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mountains of Mountain Troops

Zvezda and Ykreol troops together.  The Ykreol are their Bosnians who were often with German mountain troops.

Zvezda and Ykreol troops together.  The style is different but the size is fine together.

Caesar German Mountain troops are a mixture of troops in the Bosnian and regular German uniform.

Here are three brands together, Caesar, Ykreol and Zvezda.

The Caesar Winter Germans fit well with these sets also.

Caesar Winter German, Airfix Mountain Troop, Zvezda Mountain Troop.

Caesar Winter Germans wear cold weather gear and one has skis.

Again, Zvezda, Ykreol, Caesar and Ykreol.  I think all four brands of mountain troops fit okay together.  My intention is to make several units with them.

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