Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Plastic Soldier German Heavy Weapons

Plastic Soldier Company Late WWII German Infantry, Heavy Weapons in 1/72nd scale.

These figures are a good value for $22.

The instruction sheet is very simple as is the assembly.

I like that they use a window box like the old Airfix sets.

Here is the sprue.

Heavy machine gun, 1200 mortar and decent crewmen.


Rich said...

I like the fact, that unlike the soviet Heavy weapons pack, the MG comes with a loader

Bunkermeister said...

Hi Rich! I like the loader two. In my rules set a tripod mounted machine gun with loader, gunner and observer can fire indirect fire like artillery. Real machine gunners train to do this but it's complicated.

FriendlyFire said...

Wonderful photos, nice to see something else besides the same old ones on the PSR. Looking forward to get my hands on them!

@Rich: You can always use the Zvezda soviet miniset, only a couple of bucks.

Bunkermeister said...

Hi FF, PSR is a great service, but I know they are a little limited in the time they devote to any one set. Here I try and make sure you can compare them to ohter sets and get plenty of front/ back and side views.