Saturday, March 16, 2013


As I kid I used to take toy soldiers to school all the time. No one cared.

A friend of mine posted this message on another website:

"Many of you probably saw the news item in which a 9 year old boy brought
cupcakes to his class to celebrate his birthday. Each cupcake was topped
with a plastic army guy. The principal of the school, Susan Wright,
insisted on removing the plastic army guys before she would permit the cupcakes
to be distributed. As a gesture of support for the child, Hunter Fountain,
I am going to send a bag of plastic army guys to him in care of the
principal. I call on everyone of similar mind to do the same. The mailing
address is below. To make it easy to do, below the mailing address are 3 urls
from which plastic army guys may be purchased and shipped directly to
I plan on sending some on Monday.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk Blog

Hunter Fountain
C/O Principal Susan Wright
Schall Elementary School
325 East Frank St
Caro, MI 48723

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Giano said...

The anti-weapon campaign, while not wholly wrong at its core, has got to an incredible level of paranoia.
Me and all of my friends, when we were kids we all played with any sort of toy weapons or toy soldiers, and none of us has ever acted violently or caused harm to anyone.
I'd rather say that playing with such toys can even help children to understand violence, and learn how to prevent it.
Accusing the toys of instigating violence is just silly, and only makes more difficult to understand what is the true origin of violence, which is rather the lack of education for kids and a widespread instigation to paranoia and fear. Just my opinion though.

Bunkermeister said...

Toy soldiers glorify the heros who keep us safe. Just like playing police. The context of violence is important. A soldier killing the enemy, a police officer shooting a murderer are much different from random school shootings. I have always had toy soldiers since age three and became an Army officer and police officer. Thanks for reading Ciano.