Monday, March 4, 2013

COL Jim Fire

My wargame buddy and great friend COL Jim lost his home in a fire recently.  It was a two story house and you can see most of the second story is gone.  Jim is retired and lived here since he was a child.

The roof was mostly burned off and he lost most of his books.  His collection was spared, it was in the garage and at a friends house so most of it was safe.  The garage was not burned but did suffer extensive water damage.

Dining room and kitchen were just like the rest of the house, totally burned over.

A stairway that now leads no where.  The fire started upstairs due to and unattended space heater being used by one if his roommates.  Fire department arrived within minutes but could not save much.  No one was injured.  The home is a total loss and will have to be torn down.

This is is collection of videos.  Is your collection insured?  Is your collection dispersed so at least some of it might survive?  Do you have a fire extinguisher?


Sam Wise said...

Terrific! all your life destroyed in a so short time!
I'm with your friend with all my heart.

Bunkermeister said...

Check your electrical.
Have an evacuation plan.
Check your fire extinguishers.
Make sure you have plenty of insurance.

FriendlyFire said...

I'm terribly saddened to hear this Bunkermeister. I read and see things like this all the time, but this one really hit home, and made me realise how close we all are to losing everything in nothing but a few minutes, because a tiny bad habit (space heater).

It is great though to hear no one even got injured! I hope he will come out OK. My deepest condolences to your poor friend.

Bunkermeister said...

Thank you FF. COL Jim is trying to get his life back together and I know many of us in the hobby wish him well.