Saturday, November 10, 2012

Galactic Star Base

Unlike the bugs, the Raiders even destroy the androids.

Just visible in the distance is the Galactic Star Base.  Suddenly the bugs and Raiders are in line of sight to it's weapons and they blaze out and kill a caterpillar and a few of the Raiders!

Another bug falls to the Galactic Star Base.

The Army Ants in their perfect line make a perfect target for the Galactic Star Base.

The bugs approach the last line of houses and are nearly ready to attack the Galactic Star Base.  The bright green Army Ants are masked from attack by the row of houses.


Sam's Blog said...

Never thought that this peaceful city could have a "Galactic Star Base" !!!
the question is always: who will win this war?

(I've seen some small houses this afternoon, they were not expensive, but I think that I will wait after Christmas to buy some...)

Bunkermeister said...

The Glactic Star Base is the reason there is a city at all. Just like the American West the military moves in and makes things safe for the settlers. At least in theory.

Good luck with the housing.