Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cubans, Guano, Africa and Invasion

Joe, Doc Grey and Larry played a wargame with me, Tom and COL Jim.  A small African nation had Cuban mercenaries holding a guano mine here on the left side of the picture near the intersection of the two roads.

A neighboring nation has decided to invade and take the guano.

The invader lead their forces with light armor and technicals.

They were fast and made good time up the road.  BRDM, Jeeps and trucks with large caliber machine guns.

The Jeep took up an overlook position as the light armor moved towards the guano mine.  They Cubans took up defensive positions to resist the incursion.


Roby said...


Bunkermeister said...

A combination of AK-47 and Larrys home rules. Mostly Larrys rules. Thanks for reading.

Tsold9000 said...

Its hitting the fan...Nice looking game.

Bunkermeister said...

Guano will do that! Thanks for reading.