Wednesday, November 21, 2012


From the Revell website comes the news that they are releasing a US Navy Skipjack class submarine, in 1/72nd scale!  This Cold War submarine was a work horse for many years.  Several other classes were pretty similar.  This kit will be three feet long!  I will almost certainly get at least one.

US Navy Skipjack Class Submarine
Over a long period of time the “Skipjack Class” was one of the fastest and most manoeuvrable nuclear powered “Hunter” submarines within the U.S. Navy. Launched in 1958 the Skipjack saw nearly 20 years of active service and in terms of performance was similar to the Soviet Victor Class. The rounded, slim design and powerful propulsion unit enabled it to reach a speed of 30 knots submerged. A total of six submarines of this class were built.
Item no.05119
Scale 1:72, Parts: 135, Length: 933mm

US Navy Skipjack Class Submarine

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