Friday, November 9, 2012

Army Ants

A massive string of Army Ants marches into the city.  Row on Row, one after the other; relentless.

Green Army Ants attack along a second axis with the Black.

The rare, but deadly, Orange Army Ants attack also, even destroying androids, anything that moves.

The Tall one and the Short one move from under the bridge to the middle of the bridge in their effort to stay undetected and safe.  The Short one takes a quick look around.

The raiders advance behind the mantis attack, moping up.


Sam's Blog said...

Who is defending this nice and peaceful city ?

Bunkermeister said...

That's the question people only ask when they are under attack.

Thanks for reading Sam. Tell all your friends.

Sam's Blog said...

ok, so they have to defend themselves!
I understand... maybe!

I will mention your blog in my next post (hope I will not forget!)

Bunkermeister said...

They cavalry always arrives in the nick of time.

Thanks for the plug!