Friday, September 14, 2012

Neptune Moon

In 1958 the US Navy began project "Neptune Moon."  The idea was to send four US Navy men to the Moon as a start to building the first Moon base.  The Moon was ideal for observing all the worlds oceans and keeping an eye on the ships and shore facilities of potential enemies.

This is the final prototype for the stage that would actually land on the Moon and return to Earth. 

It included a four man capsule, that was two levels.  The lower level housed sanitary facilities, galley and two bunks.  Two crewmen were to be awake and on duty at all times.

This prototype was designed to test the fit of the components, and allow for crew and maintenance training.

The Navy planned to built 53 of these and transport 212 men to the Moon from 1960 to 1965.  They estimated that the Moon base would require between 16 and 32 men at any one time depending on the tempo of operations.  The rocket required a minimum crew of two to operate.

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