Sunday, September 2, 2012

Troops in the Forest on Patrol

His rifle at high port, this soldier knows the men in the main body depend on his ability to watch for a flank attack.

MPC recast 60mm US Army figures.  I use them in blue as Air Force or Naval Landing party.  The Green Army Men get used as Army.

Take a position and cover the patrol as the move forward.

Monitor the radio, keep contact with higher headquarters.  Another man walks with the radioman, he watches out so the radioman can concentrate on the radio traffic.

The radio weighs a ton, so the radioman carries only a pistol.  His radio is his weapon.

The jungle is sometimes difficult to move into.

The Thompson submachine gun and the hand grenade, two weapons of close in battle.

I love the detail on this figures, look at the eyes and the wood grain on the SMG butt.

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