Friday, September 7, 2012

Bunkermeister Collection

Part of the Bunkermeister Collection.  US Army armored infantry battalion, WWII.  Note the olive drab corduroy cloth to keep the vehicles in place.

Cold War, US Army, M-47 tanks and M-59 armored personnel carriers.  The bright green box is my spares box for this unit.  Sometimes a bit get broken off or there is a small accessory for the unit, so I have a small storage box inside the large storage box for just such items.

This is only part of the M-47 battalion, this time shown from ground level.

My late Cold War Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle battalion.

No corduroy on this box yet, most of my boxes have it, but a few still have not been upgraded to that standard.

Floor level view of the Bradleys.  Most of these still require the application of the detail parts.


Don M said...

nice motor pool...that's a load of Bradleys!

Erhntly said...

big collection...I like there..

Thanos said...

That's what I call a proper collection!

FriendlyFire said...

I could only dream of having my collection grow to a size as impressive as yours.

Years of collecting does pay off!

Bunkermeister said...

I got my first army men in 1958 and my first Roco in about 1962, so that has given me a long time to collect them.

Bob G. said...

I could sure give one of those Bradleys a VERY good home...
That is one IMPRESSIVE armored "depot".

Sure wish RoCo would reissue some (if not ALL) of the models AND drop the stinking prices...GEEZ!

Excellent job.
Carry on.