Thursday, September 6, 2012


I put each group of three troops in a separate plastic box with a lid on it and waited four hours.  No brushing, mixing or other work.

Here are the results.  All of them were cleaner than when they went inside the box.

The Oxy Clean was far and away the best of them all.  Look how white the white guy is now.

The bleach did a pretty good job too on the discoloration.

The bluing was the third best, the yellow guy is really nice.

I re-washed all of them in Oxy Clean.  They soaked for about two hours and they all came out much better the second time.  I used about two tablespoons of Oxy Clean for a pint of water, so a lot of cleaner.  Some of it did not dissolve so I imagine I could have used a bit less or more water.  It bubbled over the edge of the container so use a large container and don't fill it anywhere near the top.  Leave the figures for four to six hours and rinse well.  No brushing was required.

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