Monday, September 17, 2012

HALO Micro Ops

The video game HALO is very popular, sometime in the future Earth forces fight an alien enemy. On land, in the air, in space. I keep hoping the often announced movie will eventually be made. I have never actually played the video game.


There is a new line of toys being sold at many large retailers, like Toys-R-Us that brings you the figures and vehicles and aircraft, even terrain in 15mm size. At least they claim 15mm. I have not measured any of it, but I will tell you that all the figures are a perfect fit for 1/72nd scale plastic army men from Pegasus, Caesar, HaT, Airfix and other companies.

I got several of the sets and there is a lot of play value in them. They come with a couple figures, and some vehicle or weapon. The Falcon is a type of drop ship / Osprey / helicopter aircraft. I got five of them so far and will probably get at least one more. It's body looks a lot like a Huey or Blackhawk with no doors and a gunner in each doorway. It has large variable position rotors like an Osprey.

It is molded in green plastic and requires no assembly or painting. Mine are going to be re-decaled as US Army for the 1950's. The US Army experimented with many vertical lift platforms and most did not make the cut because they were too expensive, used too much fuel, or did not carry a large enough load compared to a similar helicopter. Mine will carry a small load, probably only about five troops.

These are a durable toy with a lot of play value. They will work well for near future games or retro-Cold War scenarios which is my plan. They cost about $15.00 each, if they were $10 I would have bought a lot more of them. I still recommend you check them out and get a few if you do near present modern wargames.

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