Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rattles or Spears?

It was Matthew's idea to go hunting today.

The dry spell was over, but not many animals have come back after the dry season.

Mark was happy just to get out into the wild places again.

The sound of the drum and the yelling of the men helped drive the game.

Luke had his knife ready, but wondered if it would be enough.

John was glad he had the spear, the rattles were good for driving game, but made poor weapons.

Sure enough, a few spear thrusts were enough to bring down the dragon.  The missionaries had told them of dragons, how they represented the Devil.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were especially pleased they were able to kill one.  The other, less pious men, were just happy there would be meat in the village tonight.


Sam's Blog said...

finally, you use one of the dinosaur!
I'm sure that we will see some others in future posts!

Bunkermeister said...

Don't worry Sam, theres always a space alien, dinosaur or something bad out there waiting!