Saturday, August 18, 2012

The End

The most advanced armored car in service in the world is upside down and burning in a Russian swamp.

The Puma patrol commander checks every armored car for survivors, but is alone.

He is in shock that his whole patrol has been destroyed, by an animal.  He starts back with the information.  He still has a mission.

Report to the corps commander that the forest road is blocked, by a dragon!

The railroad line will have to be held, there is no other route back out of the pocket.  The Puma patrol commander will make his report, but who will believe him?

A week later the German Panzer corps headquarters is deserted as shown on this photo taken by a Russian recon airplane.  The Germans redoubled their efforts to hold the rail line, but at great cost.  Nearly all the heavy tanks were lost in the fighting.  The Soviet commander never did figure out why the Germans did not take the swamp - forest road, he never had enough troops to block it...

The Puma models used in this series are available for sale through Fidelis Models.


Sam's Blog said...

For me it's a good story, with an happy end !
Congrats and thanks for the trip!

Bunkermeister said...

The actual Puma models used in this story are for sale from Fidelis Models. Get yours today!

Glad you liked it Sam!