Sunday, August 12, 2012


Years ago I got some hard plastic US Army troops from ESCI, they were used and in a little zip lock baggie.  In the last few days I have been building them as engineers for my WWII US Army.  Here a .30 caliber light machine gun gets a base.

This one foot on the ground pose needs a little help while the glue dries.  A wad of clay holds the drying figures in place.

Since they are engineers, this man and others are getting tools.  Here a shovel is at his feet.

This man will be used as the loader on the bazooka team.  The bag holds three bazooka rounds.  There is no specific loader figure in the set.

The bazookaman is also in a standing pose.  I like it, but it is atypical.

Two of the flamethrowers were given to prone figures.  They were originally loaders for the machine guns, but my rules allow machine guns to fire with only one gunner, but there is a penalty.

Here is one of the original flamethrower guys converted to a forward observer, with carbine and radio.


Bob G. said...

What's the scale on the troops?
They look to be 1/35th, but I would LOVE for them to be 1/72nd.

Nice job with the mods, too.

Carry on.

Bunkermeister said...

G, I am all about the LOVE here at Bunker Talk.

Those are the old hard styrene plastic US Marines in 1/72nd scale. Long out of production, but still around at kit shows and eBay.