Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Custer's Last Stand the new Custer's Last Stand set has some very complex pieces.

I don't know how they manage the undercuts in the models they do.

The sheer number of different poses in one set is astonishing.

I love the big moustache on some of these soldiers.

The set is useful just for the dead horses.

Some of them will find their way to veterinary units as wounded or dead animals.

This is an amazing set.

Each of these is it's own small diorama.


Sam's Blog said...

it's an impressive set!
but it must be quite difficult to paint, in my eyes!

Bunkermeister said...

You can paint these?

Sam's Blog said...

Why not? it's previous for painting job, no?
(but I just said that it's not easy because you must put your brush in very deep hollows ! but they are in darkness, so it's possible!All is possible... )

Bunkermeister said...

I have about 50,000 soft plastic figures and probably 500 are painted, some by me.

Crazy Bear said...

Custer was a coward and a murderer who massacred innocent women and children, and so was Crook. The correct name is the battle of the Greasy Grass. Crazy Horse was a true American hero. Now, that said, I came here looking for Roco military miniatures, specifically WW2 vehicles in HO scale. But when I saw that "Custer's last stand" headline, I got angry. Custer had no business being in the Black Hills, he went and trespassed on Lakota land to steal gold. He got what he deserved: A coward's death.

Mike Creek said...

As historic American figures, I believe we can celebrate both General Custer and Crazy Horse since they are part of our common history. While General Custer may have been rash, no one ever accused him of being a coward. Soldiers follow orders, so the politicians are to blame for allowing whites into the Black Hills in violation of treaties.
Thanks for reading.