Saturday, January 14, 2012

TV News

We use TV news in modern games as a way for the moderator to update the
other players. The players in a recent game were the "Government" and the
"Rebels" in a Third World nation. The scenario was that Western nations might
intervene but were unsure which side to take in the conflict. So the moderator
did a TV news broadcast each turn as an update.
Turn One
"Sources close to the President say there is no truth to the rumor an
aircraft carrier battle group is heading towards the coast to protect American
Turn Two
"Pentagon sources say the deployment of an aircraft carrier to protect
American interests will not result in combat missions but is only designed to
standby in the event that American citizens need to be evacuated.
Turn Three
"Here in the capital we can tell you American naval aircraft have been
overflying the capital for the last several hours on recon missions."
Turn Four
"From the deck of the USS America we are watching as strike missions are
being prepared to hit targets just outside the capital if the President declares
American interests are at stake."
Turn Five
"Here in the presidential palace we have heard rumors that American
helicopters are landing troops in the sports arena."
It provides players with information, that may be incomplete, even false, and yet, can't be ignored.

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