Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I continue to work on my Battle of Berlin project. One of the things I am doing is setting up the embassies and legations for the friendly and neutral powers. Many maintained embassies there to assist their nationals during and after the battle. Here is some of what I am working on for embassy staff.

I use
Dapol, Preiser, and other civilians for the various staff and swap heads as
much as reasonable for a different look for the figures. I also use traditional clothing for the various
ethnic peoples, like Japanese and Chinese. Each embassy will have several staff people.



Wife of Ambassador

Deputy Chief of Mission

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps


Attaché –



Economic / Business


Heads the Legation of Minor Nations

I am also planning on a building or at least a couple rooms for each of the nations. I am also giving most of them some sort of pet or mascot that is similar to their national animal. The Vichy French for example will have a French poodle dog. I will have pictures soon as I make more progress on this project.


Tsold9000 said...

i have seen your flak tower. very nice.Berlin made me remember were there?

Bunkermeister said...

Many have seen my Flak Tower.
I visited Berlin with MRS Bunkermeister on our honeymoon almost 5 years ago and we saw a real flak tower. Don't say I am not romantic.