Monday, January 23, 2012


When buying stuff on eBay sometimes you get strange things.
This item is from a Marx 1/32nd size playset but the vehicle is about HO scale. The suspension is clearly a Sherman tank. After WWII the US used Shermans for many non-tank purposes, like watching atomic tests and space launches from close up. I think that's what this one will become.
I got this preacher from one of the Christmas buildings, seen here with a 1/72nd scale figure. He will be repainted as a statue and will stand outside one of my larger churches.
This little plastic Jeep is interesting. About the same size as a Roco Jeep. It will probably be repainted as a civilian Jeep.
Two of my slush cast artillery with a 1/72nd scale figure for scale compairison. I will probably use these as 8 inch artillery.

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