Monday, January 30, 2012

Wargame Rule


night one sentry is on duty in every piece of important territory in military
zones. In addition, every headquarters, company level and above, will have a CQ
duty staff, with one additional sentry, per command level. A company will have one sentry, a battalion
will have two, and a brigade will have three sentries. Sensitive areas, nuclear or chemical, may
have additional sentries.

garrison, units have sentries out from 2000 hrs, until 0600 hrs. Between the hours of 0700 and 1900 hrs, there
are sentries only at headquarters and sensitive areas. In war zones, sentries are out only from 2200
hrs, to 0400 hrs. After that, or when on
alert, normal conditions apply. One
sentry may be stationed per square foot from 2000 hrs to 0600 hrs, to watch for
intruders. Sentry alertness roll one six
sided die, 5% per number then add or subtract +- DM as per morale. Infiltrators skills roll one six sided die 5%
per number then add or subtract +-DM as per morale.



Alertness each point +5%

Alarmed +35%

With a dog +35%

Within 1250m +35%


Skill each point -5%

Stationary -35%

Out of line of
sight -35%

Noise muffled by
waves -35%

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