Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Got an E-mail Today


I am a huge fan of your site. I also like to collect
Roco/Herpa Minitanks and I am not sure if you noticed their recent pricing

Under the link:, you can see that they
increased prices above 10% without further notice.

Now another collector
friend and I have opened up a petition against their pricing policy as we do
observe that many collectors do abandon the range as their prices have become
unbearably. I would like to invite you to post about us, if you are also
concerned as we are and maybe you would like to join our facebook group and sign
our petition.

Both you can find under the following


The online

Then, if we have enough reach would
like to make this coming up also in the media. Tomorrow, the 1st of february
2012, the Nuremberg toy fair opens and thus the media coverage with the concerns
of us collectors could really make a difference.

Thank you very much for
your support. Feel free to forward this e-mail if you think it's noteworthy to
other interested collectors, distributors or sellers.


I visited the Roco catalog and the Facebook site. Seems like a good Joe. You might want to pay him a visit.


Bob G. said...

Might have to check this out...
I know they don't make a LOT of the original series (dang it), but they MUST still have the MOLDS.

Give them to someone in THEY could repro the whole line with the same attention to detail...and for a LOT LESS (like the original prices).
There IS still a HUGE market for them.

Good psot and links.

Bunkermeister said...

The molds last forever. They could make them in the USA, plenty of folks looking for work.