Friday, September 2, 2011


Subbuteo made a set called the Presentation Set. It consisted of three men, perhaps two are security men.

It also includes The Queen of England, the Queen Mum, and one of the men may be the Queens' husband.

Shown here with a Revell and Zvezda figure for scale. The bases are thick but the figures are a nice size.

The set came in a little presentation box.

There is also a little loving cup that The Queen presents to the winning soccer team. This set can cost almost $100 in perfect condition, with postage. I paid a lot less for this one after bidding for several of them.


IM said...

That's the F.A. Cup that HM is holding. And the chap in the blue suit and red tie is indeed, I think, meant to be Prince Philip.

Bunkermeister said...

F.A. Cup, Prince, all concepts I barely understand as an American.