Thursday, September 22, 2011

Matterhorn Guns

A while back I built the HO scale ArsenalM Matterhorn gun in resin.

They were in batteries of four or six. I went with a four gun battery because the kits are fragile and pricey.

I used Evergreen plastic tile to reinforce the side stands because the photo etched parts were rather bendy.

Here is one with the added plastic. The plastic is protruding from the edge is slipped under the side of the guns.

This is the metal piece. Just trim out the metal pieces. I tossed most of them, too fragile would not survive even in storage on my first on, they certainly would not last in a wargame. I kept the two side rails, an elevation wheel and some handle bit. I actually trashed the others to prevent me from using them in the future. I got mine from my friend Randy at Fidelis Models.

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