Sunday, September 11, 2011

Savings Plan

Just as we save up money or food for an emergency or crisis, I also save up hobby items. When I go to the hobby shop, I buy an extra bottle of Model Master styrene model glue and sheet plastic. When I go to the model train shop I buy an extra tube of Goo, contact rubber cement. When I visit the art supply store I buy more Olfa snap off knife blades and razor saws blades.

When I go to the kit collector show, I often pick up an extra model that I know I am unlikely to build for a while. At Target, Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us I pick up extra office supplies; paper, pens, markers and tape. When my wife takes me to JoAnns or Michaels, I get fancy paper from the scrapbook section.

Having all these extra items allows me to keep building models even if I get laid off of work. We all face various financial bumps over time. I have been laid off, had car expenses crop up expectantly, and hobby spending has to take a back seat. One way to get through those problems is to stock up on hobby tools and supplies in the good times. I write the date on consumables, like glue, that can go bad over time to insure I open the oldest ones first. Super glues, CA types have a shelf life that is pretty short, so don’t stockpile those, but other glues will usually last for many years. A little planning can keep you building models even in the bad times.


Tim Gow said...

A sound approach to life and wargaming!

Karcuss said...

That why I have about 400 unbuilt kits 1/35 1/72 1/76, and 1,000 or so 1/72 figures still on Sprues, Boxes of FOW and 28mm Romans and Napoleonics all still on the Sprues!

But I have very little left to paint in 1/300

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Tim.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes Karcuss, that's why you need enough glue, knife blades and paint to finish them in an emergency.

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