Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Wargame Rules

My friend and wargame buddy Dave Hall has published his wargaming rules! They are called “Blood and Guts, Rules, Tactics, and Scenarios for Wargaming World War Two, Heroes & Legends by David W. Hall. These rules are designed for 15mm and 1/72nd scale figures for the WWII era.

The rules have been in development for over a decade. It is lavishly illustrated and available for sale by Amazon. David Hall even mentions me on a couple places. Dave provided me with a free copy and I have just gotten it, so I have not had an opportunity to dive too deeply into it. Dave has already been out doing book signings, pretty exciting!

Many of us talk about publishing our wargame rules, but few of us ever do it. Dave has taken the big step. Just organizing all the data is a huge endeavor. Dave has also written in this set of rules the experience of his journey into wargaming. He is a good writer and I wish him every success; this book reminds me very much of the old Donald Featherstone wargame books. They are worth purchasing for the photos alone.

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